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Enhanced Review

Optimizing the teacher education feedback process.







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Enhanced Reviewbenefits

  • Save time on administrative overhead. Reports on Teacher Candidate performance are instantly distributed to all interested parties and stored for the record with a single tap. Staff (Programme Coordinators, Faculty Advisors, and office support personnel) spend no extra time in distribution, organization, or archiving of Teacher Candidate reports.
  • Improve the feedback loop. Student teachers care about their work and want to improve. With Enhanced Review, they can get instant feedback. The reduced time in distributing and organizing reports means a shorter feedback cycle to the Teacher Candidate, allowing them to better track their progress.
  • Better transparency for coordinators. Coordinators can see summaries of reports submitted and instantly access any report for any Teacher Candidate from any Faculty Advisor.
  • Environmentally Friendly. During Enhanced Review's short term trial period (a six-week practicum) 5 Faculty Advisors created over 40 reports on 16 Teacher Candidates. Conservatively extrapolating from these numbers, the number of pages saved during main practicums will be 14,000 sheets of paper.

Enhanced ReviewFeatures

Made for Education

Secure & Reliable

Universal Access

PDF Generation

We built Enhanced Review with direct feedback from, and strong cooperation with, the UBC Faculty of Education's Teacher Education Office. It is not a generic forms solution. In addition, the app's workflows are highly customizable for each educational institution.

Secure servers, multiple backups, and strong user-level permissions make Enhanced Review the most secure means of digital form storage for educational institutions. All data in Enhanced Review is stored in Canadian servers with the highest level of security. New backups are made frequently. In addition, strong user-level permissions give appropriate levels of access for all stakeholders - from Teacher Candidates to Programme Coordinators.

Say goodbye to filing cabinets, say hello to the cloud. All reports are accessible and editable on any tablet or any computer with an internet connection. Just remember your username and password.

Some of our clients used to spend as much as $12000/year on paper forms. That is money that is instantly saved when you switch to Enhanced Review. And it says nothing about the amount of staff time that has to be spent on managing that paper.